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Host a Hoop Dreams Elite Skills Clinic



While most American basketball gurus are complaining about the lack of skill development in our players due to the amount of games they are playing, we feel like many camps and clinics around the country are to blame as well.  Many camps and clinics have turned into babysitting sessions.  Camp leaders are more concerned about signing up as many players as possible in order to maximize their profits, instead of giving the players the proper training that they signed up for.  Hoop Dreams Basketball Elite Skill Development Clinics are not babysitting sessions, and are only for players that are willing to work hard, and want to improve their game.  If players bring a good, hard-working attitude to the clinic, they will become a better basketball player.


During our clinic, we use intense, innovative drills to enhance player’s skills and fundamentals, which allow them to be successful at any level.  Our intense, innovative drills teach players different skills and fundamentals in a fun way, which make players want to practice them during their own workouts.   We will give the players the tools, as well as telling them what it takes, to become a great player, as well as inspire them to become dedicated and work hard on their own.  Hoop Dreams Basketball’s slogan is “Outwork Everyone.” Players will leave the clinic with a new mindset that will change their life forever! 


Teaching Points:

  • Advanced shooting, dribbling, and passing drills that translate to game situations.

  • NBA one-on-one /go-to moves

  • NBA triple threat reads

  • NBA finishing moves

  • Correct footwork techniques

  • Pick and Roll reads How to read a defender

  • Competitive “game-like” drills

  • NBA film breakdowns 


First come, first serve on dates.


Email if you are interested for more information on logistics!

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