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A Players Guide to a Succesful 2015

Refuse to Be Outworked

Whether it’s a skill session, practice, in the weight room, during a game, or in the classroom, refuse to be outworked. I believe that most players never reach their full potential because they do not work even half as hard as they possibly could. Each day you need to make it a goal to outwork everyone. Not just the players in your town, in your conference, or on your team. EVERYONE. You are responsible for making your Hoop Dreams a reality; do not stop until they are.


Learn to Be Coachable

Part of being coachable is learning how to take, accept, and learn from criticism. Stop taking everything so personal. Yes you might be tired of your coach yelling and screaming, but understand they just want to win. Look past the yelling, find what they are trying to convey to you and learn from it. With that being said, if a coach tells you improve something, do it correctly the next time. Nothing will upset coaches more than having to repeat themselves. When you constantly do the opposite of what a coach expects from you, they will automatically think you do not care enough to listen to them.

Social Media

I love social media. It allows me to share content and interact with players and coaches on a daily basis. With that being said, players are spending WAY to much time on social media. A recent study shows that teenagers spend upwards of two hours a day online and through social media. Can you imagine how good each player would be if they spent those extra two hours working on their game?

Things to remember regarding the use of social media:

*The number of followers you have doesn’t mean you can or cannot hoop.

*You don’t have to tweet or post every time you are in the gym. You aren’t “grinding” that hard if you have time to filter your picture five times before posting it.

*You are not obligated to retweet every positive mention you receive. Stop searching for recognition.

*You can fake it on social media, but eventually your followers and the world will be able to tell if you were actually grinding in the gym or just posting selfies of it.

*Be careful what you tweet; don’t let 140 characters be the reason you lose a $140,000 scholarship.

*Your social media pages represent you as a brand. What do you want people to see when they look at your page? What you post is who you are.

*Stop searching for social media fame, if you can hoop, people will know and hear about you.

Championships = Scholarships

One of the biggest mistakes a player looking to play at the next level can make is becoming obsessed with the stat sheet. Coaches love players that can put the ball in the basket, but coaches will NOT recruit players that only care about getting theirs. The best players make the players around them better. A player that averages 15 points a game and leads their team to a state championship is way more appealing in a coaches eye than a player that averages 25 points while their team doesn’t hold a record above .500. Coaches love winners. Coaches need to win to keep their job. Coaches will recruit winners to their program.

Another thing I’ll add to that subject; play defense. Getting buckets on one end means nothing if you give up buckets on the other end. Basketball is a game that is played on both ends of the floor, so should you. Michael Jordan, the best basketball player to ever walk on this Earth (please don’t argue this) was on the All NBA Defensive First Team 9 times, tying Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnet, and Gary Peyton. Think you are too good to lock up on D? Think again.

Work Harder on the Days You Don’t Feel Like Working At All

One of the ways players, and people in general, can separate themselves from others is by working even when they do not feel like working at all. Let’s face it, we all have those days when we feel sick, tired, sore, or whatever the excuse might be. Most people give in to those feelings and talk themselves out of whatever they know they need to accomplish that day. That is great news. Why? I imagine if you are reading this, you don’t want to be like most people. I would venture to say that most people have a day like this at least once every two weeks where they make up an excuse to not work that day. Imagine if you eliminated all your excuses and put in your best work on those days. You would be working about 25 days more than your competition every year. That is how you gain separation.

Happy New Year!

2014 was a pretty good year for me personally, but I plan to make 2015 the best 365 days of my life. I will work harder, longer, and smarter than I ever have. I will enjoy the grind and every struggle along the way. I will continue to do anything and everything I can to help players and coaches reach their full potential as well. No more next years, this year is the year. Let’s get it! #HoopDreams

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