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It's Not About Who Starts, But Who Finishes!

Having a starting position is awesome. Obviously every player strives to start on their respected teams, but what's more important is not who starts, but rather who finishes the game. Below are 5 ways to ensure you are on the floor for every close game. Chances are, if you do all of these you will be starting as well!

Be Coachable:

If the coach knows you are going to do what he wants, he will trust you with the game on the line. This means knowing exactly what your coach wants to do in every situation. Knowing every play. Knowing every defensive strategy. Knowing when to foul. Knowing who to foul. If the coach tells you to do something and he can count on you to make that happen, you will play.

Make Free Throws:

Your team is going to be in close games, up by a few with time running down on the clock. The other team is going to have no choice but to foul, put someone on the line, and hope for the best. It's pretty simple. If you can make your free throws, you will be on the floor. If your coach isn't confident in your FT shooting ability, you might be in the game, but you wont be staying in! If you become an automatic 2 points at the foul line, you will see yourself on the floor in crunch time.

Lock Down D:

Down 2 or up 2, either way you need a stop. Can your coach trust you to lock down the other teams best player? Do you have the heart, guts, and desire to step up slide your feet, contest a shot, and go grab the rebound? Lets be honest, if you can lock down the teams best player, your coach will play you more than just the last 2 minutes of a game, you might be getting only 2 minutes on the bench!

Be a Shooter

A GREAT shooter is one of the rarest things to find in todays game. If you can shoot, you can play, at any point in the game! With that being said, if your team needs a 3 to force OT at the end of the game, you can bet your coach will be calling your number! A great shooter will always have a spot on the floor.

Be a Competitor

At the end of the day, coaches want players that want to win. If you are willing to do anything in your power to be ahead on the scoreboard when the buzzer sounds, your coach will want you on the floor. There are some things you cannot teach, some things some people just do not have. Wanting to win more than anyone else on the floor, will ensure you are on the floor!

If you have any ideas on future blogs please tweet them at me, or email me If you are a coach and are interested in hosting a skills clinic before the season starts, making some extra money for your team, and improving your players skills you can contact me via email as well!

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