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Hoop Dreams Workout Guide

I have decided to make a weekly blog. In this blog I will discuss all things basketball related. I encourage you as a reader to email or tweet me ideas for new blogs, I will try to cover as many as possible! My first blog is about the process of the Hoop Dreams Workout Guide.

The Hoop Dreams Workout Guide was made for one reason. I would get people reaching out to me everyday asking if I could come train them in whatever city they were located in. I had to turn down most people and I hated it. I thought to myself, there has to be a way I can reach these players without physically being in the gym with them. The idea of the workout guide came shortly after. I decided I wanted to have a shooting section, ball handling section, a section dedicated to 8 minute workouts, and pages of notes for all players. I wanted everything to be game like. I can't tell you how many gyms I've walked into where kids are either shooting stationary shots at half speed, spending more time texting than working out, or they are doing a bunch of clown drills that never translate into game situations. Too many players talk about wanting to take the next step in improving their game this offseason, but they don't know what to do once in the gym! The Hoop Dreams Workout Guide takes care of that It doesn't matter if you want to work on pull up jumpers, quick hook shots from the post, or pick and roll reads, there is a drill for anything.

The other thing that got me excited about the workout guide is that it didn't require 4 hours in the gym every day to be effective and change a player's game. If a player has 30 minutes each day they can become a completely different player with the workout guide. How? Let's say they decide to do 3 different 8 minute workouts. First off,that will be an incredible conditioning workout. Second off, they just did 24 minutes of game like, game speed workouts. I hear players say all the time they are in the gym for 4 hours everyday. But, if you ask them what they accomplished. 90% of the time they will say, "Well I got some shots up." Now, clearly the act of shooting is one of, if not the most important skill in al of basketball, but I doubt if you watched that player for those 4 hours that they were going game speed the whole time!

Workouts need to be game like and structured. I heard a story about an NBA vet last summer. He said that each day he works on one skill only. It could be step backs, face up jumpers, or setting up his defender to come run off screens correctly. He wouldn't leave the gym until he felt comfortable about the skill he was working on that day, but once he was done he got out of the gym. Workouts need to be purposeful and translate into games.It makes no sense for a 5'6 guard to be spending hours in the gym working on post up moves!

The hours and days and weeks and months I've spent on the Hoop Dreams Workout Guide is finally coming full circle. I wanted to explain how I came up with the 100+ drills and 200+ 8 minute workout combinations. I talked to different coaches and trainers about some of their favorite drills and then tweaked them to fit players skills better. I did A TON of research and studying player development. But, the thing I did the most was study film. Most of my workouts come directly from breaking down film and making a drill that translates into the 30 clips I just saw from an NBA or college player. I needed every workout to be game like. I needed players that took the next step in purchasing the guide to feel like games were second nature after going through the workouts.

Everyone that has received a workout guide has called it a "must have" and a "game changer." If you want to be elite, if you TRULY want to be the best you can possibly be at the game of basketball the Hoop Dreams Workout Guide is for you. Work hard, work smart, work consistently. Get in, get better, get out.

Hoop Dreams Workout Guide


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